Bakkeljauw frita's kabeljauw hapje



From Surinamese-Antillean cuisine, with a Dutch twist. Made with real cod, potato and herbs, deliciously mild in taste and crispy without a dough jacket or bread-crumbs! Our Frita's meet the growing demand for good, guilt-free food. They contain 80% less fat and 60% fewer calories than any other snack! In addition, our Frita's are gluten-free, lactose-free and rich in healthy (fish) proteins.
DuChef Frita's are pre-cooked and frozen.
No defrosting is required before use; they can be fried directly from the freezer in oil at 180 degrees in 4 to 5 minutes.
Excellent as a snack, aperitif, side dish or tapas. And easy to garnish according to your own signature.



vis spies



Perfect for the grill or BBQ. Our richly filled fish skewers weigh no less than 125 grams and are available in 3 types:
  • squid with prawns
  • bacalao with prawns
  • octopus with prawns
Delicious and colorful garnished with bell peppers and onions, hygienically packed per 4 in handy window boxes. Serve separately or combine at your own discretion into a complete grill or BBQ dish.




 Our ready-to-cook cod filet is delicious cod that can be put straight into the pan from the freezer. The salted cod has already been desalinated. First soaking or boiling is not necessary and it is also quickly done. Ideal for "last minute".



Made with care and attention

It goes without saying that we only use cod that has been caught sustainably. Professional preparation takes place in the EU under strict standards for quality, food safety and halal certification. Our products are also gluten-free.